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Women s Beauty The Toilette Scene - 1499 Words

Since ancient times, women’s beauty has long been a common topic for literature and art. Appreciating women’s charming appearances and behaviors is free to talk about both in privacy and public. However, it should be pointed out that as what the painting Admonitions of the Instructress to Court Ladies reflects to people, due to the effect of old Chinese cultures and traditions, women’s inner self actually plays a more signifiant role than their external appearances, which echoes on a similar idea from Upanishads that attaining self(atman) is a major goal for people while the body is unreliable and not long lasting. The painting, Admonitions of the Instructress to Court Ladies: The Toilette Scene, is a famous art work created by an outstanding Chinese painter, Gu Kaizhi, in Jin Dynasty(265-420). The original art work is composed of 12 different pieces, but due to careless preservation, only 9 of them remains nowadays, and Thee Toilette Scene is one of the remained. The idea of Admonitions of the Instructress to Court Ladies originates from a poetic text, Nushijian, written by Zhang Hua, a Western-Jin-dynasty court official who intended to utilize this text to teach women basic rules and rituals(Hinsch 51). Therefore, Gu Kaizhi transformed this text into painting to further illustrate and benefit future generations of the virtues that ancient Chinese women should possess in order to be a qualified woman, hold a position in the court, and serve for the empress. When we lookShow MoreRelatedAlexander Pope Essay6204 Words   |  25 Pagesthat the approach must now be satirical rather than earnest is symptomatic of how far the culture has fallen. Popes use of the mock-epic genre is intricate and exhaustive. The Rape of the Lock is a poem in which every element of the contemporary scene conjures up some image from epic tradition or the classical world view, and the pieces are wrought together with a cleverness and expertise that makes the poem surprising and delightful. Popes transformations are numerous, striking, and loaded withRead MoreLuxury Marketing- Louis Vuitton Marketing Strategy13307 Words   |  54 Pagesgained movement in the 1970’s. As women started to wear perfumes on more frequent occasions, companies started to launch more fragrances into the market. In increasing numbers, designers and brands across the world started to join the perfume revolution. In the 1980’s perfumes took on more pungent and powerful aromas. This trend can be exemplified with the launch of Christian Dior’s Poison, a perfume so intense that is was banned in some restaurants in New York. In the 1990’s perfume t rends switchedRead MoreLuxury Marketing- Louis Vuitton Marketing Strategy13318 Words   |  54 Pagesgained movement in the 1970’s. As women started to wear perfumes on more frequent occasions, companies started to launch more fragrances into the market. In increasing numbers, designers and brands across the world started to join the perfume revolution. In the 1980’s perfumes took on more pungent and powerful aromas. This trend can be exemplified with the launch of Christian Dior’s Poison, a perfume so intense that is was banned in some restaurants in New York. In the 1990’s perfume trends switchedRead MoreA Case Study of International Brand Management: Comparison of Lexus Brand Management in Brazil, United States and Japan.39374 Words   |  158 Pagescultural mindsets.†82 Therefore, it is important to understand cultural difference as to understand the complexity of foreign markets. The authors introduced research on consumer behaviour at an i nternational scale. The A-B-C-D paradigm developed by P. S. Raju demonstrates the consumption process within different cultures described by four stages: access, buying behaviour, consumption characteristics, and disposal. The A-B-C-D Paradigm Can consumers obtain your product/service? ACCESS 1. Economic

Stefan’s Diaries Bloodlust Chapter 1 Free Essays

It was October. The trees of the cemetery had turned a decayed brown, and a cold breeze had whistled in, replacing the stifling heat of the Virginia summer. Not that I much felt it. We will write a custom essay sample on Stefan’s Diaries: Bloodlust Chapter 1 or any similar topic only for you Order Now As a vampire, my body registered only the temperature of my next victim, warmed by the anticipation of her hot blood coiling through my veins. My next victim was only a few feet away: a chestnut-haired girl who was currently climbing over the fence of the Hartnett estate, which ran adjacent to the cemetery. â€Å"Clementine Haverford, whatever are you doing out of bed so late?† My playful demeanor was at odds with the hot, heavy thirst coursing through me. Clementine was not supposed to be here, but Matt Hartnett had always been sweet on her. And even though Clementine was engaged to Randall Haverford, her Charleston-based cousin, it was clear the feeling was mutual. She was already playing a dangerous game. Little did she know it was about to turn deadly. Clementine squinted into the darkness. I could tell from her heavy-lidded expression and wine-stained teeth that shed had a long night. â€Å"Stefan Salvatore?† she gasped. â€Å"But youre dead.† I took a step closer to her. â€Å"Am I, now?† â€Å"Yes, I attended your funeral.† She cocked her head to the side. She didnt seem too concerned, though. She was practically sleepwalking, heady from sips of wine and stolen kisses. â€Å"Are you a dream?† â€Å"No, not a dream,† I said huskily. I grasped her by the shoulders and pulled her close to me. She fell against my chest, and the loud drum of her heartbeat filled my ears. She smelled of jasmine, just as she had last summer when my hand had grazed the bodice of her dress while we played one of Damons kissing games under the Wickery Bridge. I ran one finger along her cheek. Clementine had been my first crush, and Id often wondered what it would feel like to hold her like this. I put my lips to her ear. â€Å"Im more like a nightmare.† Before she could make a sound, I sank my teeth straight into her jugular vein, sighing when the first stream hit my mouth. Unlike what her name might suggest, Clementines blood wasnt nearly as sweet as Id imagined. Instead it tasted smoky and bitter, like coffee burned over a hot stove. Still, I drank deeply, gulping her down, until she stopped groaning and her pulse slowed to a whisper. She went limp in my arms, and the fire that burned in my veins and my belly was quenched. All week Id been hunting at my leisure, having discovered that my body required two feedings a day. Mostly I just listened to the vital fluid coursing through the bodies of the residents of Mystic Falls, fascinated by how easily I could take it from them. When I did attack, Id done so carefully, feeding on guests at the boardinghouse or taking one of the soldiers up by Leestown. Clementine would be my first victim whod once been a friend–the first victim the people of Mystic Falls would miss. Disengaging my teeth from her neck, I licked my lips, allowing my tongue to savor the spot of wet blood at the corner of my mouth. Then I dragged her out of the cemetery and back to the quarry where my brother, Damon, and I had been staying since wed been turned. The sun was just creeping over the horizon, and Damon was sitting listlessly at the edge of the water, glancing into its depths as if they held the secret to the universe. Hed been like that every day since wed woken up as vampires seven days earlier, mourning the loss of Katherine, the vampire whod made us into what we are now. Though she had turned me into a powerful creature, I celebrated her death, unlike my brother. She had played me for a fool, and the memory of her reminded me of how vulnerable Id once been. As I watched Damon, Clementine moaned in my arms, one eye fluttering open. Were it not for the blood seeping onto the blue lace neckline of her wrinkled, blue tulle dress, it would seem as if she were merely in slumber. â€Å"Shhh,† I murmured, tucking a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. A voice somewhere in my mind told me that I should feel regret over taking her life, but I felt nothing at all. Instead, I readjusted her in my arms, tossing her over my shoulder, as if she were simply a sack of oats, and walked to the edge of the water. â€Å"Brother.† I unceremoniously dumped Clementines nearly lifeless body at his feet. Damon shook his head and said, â€Å"No.† His lips had a chalky white texture. Blood vessels twisted darkly on his face; they looked like cracks in marble. In the weak morning light, he looked like one of the broken statues in the cemetery. â€Å"You must drink!† I said roughly, pushing him down, surprised at my own strength. His nostrils flared. But just as it was to mine, the smell of her blood was intoxicating to his weary body, and soon his lips met her skin in spite of his protestations. He began to drink, slowly at first, then lapped up the liquid as though he were a horse desperate for water. â€Å"Why do you keep making me do this?† he asked plaintively, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and wincing. â€Å"You need to regain your strength.† I prodded Clementine with the tip of my dirt-caked boot. She groaned softly, somehow still alive. For now, at least. But her life was in my hands. The realization trilled through me, as though my entire being were on fire. This–the hunt, the conquests, the reward of the pleasurable sleepiness that always followed a feeding–made eternity stand before us as an endless adventure. Why couldnt Damon understand? â€Å"This isnt strength. Its weakness,† Damon hissed, rising to his feet. â€Å"Its hell on Earth, and nothing could be worse.† â€Å"Nothing? Would you rather be dead, like Father?† I shook my head incredulously. â€Å"You have a second chance.† â€Å"I never asked for it,† Damon said sharply. â€Å"I never asked for any of this. All I wanted wasKatherine. Shes gone, so kill me now and be done with it.† Damon handed me a jagged oak branch. â€Å"Here,† he said, standing with his arms open wide, his chest exposed. Just one stroke to his heart and hed have his wish. Memories flashed through my mind: of Katherine, her soft, dark curls, her fangs bright in the moonlight, her head arched back before she bit into my neck, her ever-present lapis lazuli pendant that sat in the hollow of her neck. I now understood why shed killed my fiancï ¿ ½e, Rosalyn, why shed compelled me and Damon, why she used her beauty and innocent visage to make people want to trust and protect her. It was her nature. And now it was ours. But instead of accepting it as a gift, as I had, Damon seemed to think it was a curse. I cracked the branch over my knee and threw the shards into the river. â€Å"No,† I said. Though Id never admit it aloud, the thought of living forever without a friend in the world frightened me. I wanted Damon and I to learn to be vampires together. â€Å"No?† Damon repeated, his eyes snapping open. â€Å"Youre man enough to murder an old flame, but not your brother?† He shoved me to the ground. He loomed above me, his own fangs bared, then spit on my neck. â€Å"Dont embarrass yourself,† I said, scrambling to my feet. He was strong, but I was far stronger, thanks to my regular feedings. â€Å"And dont fool yourself into thinking Katherine loved you,† I growled. â€Å"She loved her Power, and she loved what she could make us do for her. But she never loved us.† Damons eyes blazed. He rushed toward me with the speed of a galloping horse. His shoulder, hard as stone, plowed into me, throwing me back into a tree. The trunk split with a loud crack. â€Å"She lovedme.† â€Å"Then why did she turn me, too?† I challenged, rolling to my feet as I rebuffed his next blow. The words had their desired effect. Damons shoulders sagged, and he staggered backward. â€Å"Fine. Ill just do it myself,† he murmured, grabbing another stick and running the sharp end along his chest. I slapped the stake out of his hand and twisted his arms behind his back. â€Å"You are my brother–my flesh and blood. So long as I stay alive, so shall you. Now, come.† I pushed him toward the woods. â€Å"Come where?† Damon asked listlessly, allowing me to drag him along. â€Å"To the cemetery,† I answered. â€Å"We have a funeral to attend.† Damons eyes registered a dull spark of interest. â€Å"Whose?† â€Å"Fathers. Dont you want to say good-bye to the man who killed us?† How to cite Stefan’s Diaries: Bloodlust Chapter 1, Essay examples

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Sheila Birling in the play Essay Example

Sheila Birling in the play Paper Geralds attempt to stop the truth from coming out results in Sheila being hysterical by the end of Act 1. At the beginning of Act 2, Priestley ensures that Sheila is in the same hysterical (panic- stricken and frenzied) state, but he ensures that she remains centre stage. By doing this, Priestley also ensures that the audience knows that Sheila will learn everything. It will add to Sheilas understanding and her growth as a person, and she will be the better for it: It cant be any worse or me than it has been. And it might be better. The Inspector wants Sheila to be made aware that she is not entirely to blame and that she shouldnt have to be alone with her responsibility. Priestley ensures that the audience also understand this, because by this time Sheila has gained audience sympathy by her growing compassionate nature. Priestley uses irony and sarcasm to add range and create humour. When Gerald is being less than truthful, Sheila says You were the wonderful Fairy Prince. When Gerald states that Eva/ Daisy Renton took the break up of their affair gallantly, Sheila states ironically: That was nice for you. Priestley proceeds to increase the dramatic tension during Act 2, and Sheilas emotions are so heightened that she becomes wilder when other family members keep underestimating the Inspector. She says (with a laugh) No, hes giving us the rope, so that well hang ourselves. Mrs. Birling just thinks shes over excited, but by this time Sheila and the audience share the same information and are ahead of the family members. Priestley gives more understanding to Sheila than any of the other characters. Mrs. Birling notices this when she says You seem to have made a great impression on this child, Inspector. We will write a custom essay sample on Sheila Birling in the play specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Sheila Birling in the play specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Sheila Birling in the play specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Here the Inspector echoes the writers opinion and says We often do on the young ones. Theyre more impressionable. This goes to the heart of the main theme of the play, which is that the older members of this privileged class will not change, but the young are capable of change through greater understanding. Sheilas readiness to learn from experience is in great contrast to her parents. Gradually Sheila achieves greater moral perspective and gains sufficient courage to acknowledge and accept her human failings. I know Im to blame, Im desperately sorry She also realises she will not share any future with Gerald Croft, but at least she will share guilt. Priestley contrasts her views very boldly with the views of the other family members and Gerald, who fall back into the same bigoted views once they realise that the Inspector does not exist. Towards the end of Act 2, Sheila then acts as a commentator on the action, as Gerald Croft, Mrs. Birling and Eric are then forced to confess their responsibilities. During this time she gains a great understanding of the situation, therefore becoming the moral backbone of the play. Frequently Priestley has Sheila summarise the action. For instance, in the central part of Act 2, Sheila has two major speeches which help her and the audience appreciate what is going on. In the first speech she accepts Geralds failings with maturity: I dont dislike you as I did half an hour ago I rather respect you more than Ive ever done before But Sheila has changed, and Priestley ensures that the audience realises this: It was my fault that she was so desperate when you (Gerald) first met her The Sheila that we meet at the beginning of the play would not have accepted this. Sheila realises that she has changed too: You and I arent the same people who sat down to dinner Unfortunately it is only Sheila who goes through such a dramatic transformation. At the beginning of Act 3 Sheila is in tears because she is the only one who realises that not one of the guilty parties can now say Im sorry, Eva Smith. Sheila is reduced to tears when she says quietly: Thats the worst of it. She also begins to understand towards the end of the final act that very little changes. She says bitterly- I suppose were all nice people now. So theres nothing to be sorry for, nothing to learn. We can go on behaving just as we did. Priestly shows Sheila to be completely disappointed and disheartened by the others lack of awareness and their unwillingness to change, with the exception of Eric. The authors high moral position is reflected in Sheilas words and actions. Sheila states (passionately- Priestleys stage direction) Youre pretending everythings just as it was before. Sheilas disappointment is made worse by the others comments. Mrs. Birling states Well why shouldnt we? (That is, why shouldnt we carry on as before? ) Sheilas response to the tragedy is the most positive aspect of the play. Sheila continues to question the familys attitudes and their refusal to acknowledge their guilt in the death of Eva Smith. She begins to learn about the importance of society, and her responsibility towards the less fortunate. This is Priestleys main theme throughout the play, and Sheila is his symbol for it. The audience can leave with this life-enhancing knowledge.

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about dreams essays

about dreams essays The subconscious is usually the right side of the brain or the opposite side of the persons writing hand. Within the subconscious lie different types of things such as suppressed emotions, creativity, and basic human instinct (Ullman and Zimmerman 1979). The conscious part of the mind works when people are awake and is the part of the mind that handles things that people can understand. No one truly knows why a person can't interact with the subconscious while awake, however studies show that dreams are a way in which people can better comprehend its behavior. The condition of the body during dreaming is interesting because the brain shuts off all sensory receptors thus, canceling all somatic impulses (Ullman and Zimmerman 1979). This puts the body in an almost paraplegic state. The brain however continues to control all autonomic functions such as blood flow, heart pulsation, and lung inflation. During the sleep, homeostasis will fluctuate because sleep occurs on four stages (Davidm ann, 1998). The individual goes from awake to stage 1, then to 2, 3, and finally 4, the deepest stage of sleep. After spending about twenty minutes in stage 4, they return to stage 1 and progress back to stage 4. The individual will continue to make these cycles throughout their sleep. Most individuals will experience about 4 to 5 cycles a night (Davidmann, 1998). This is why humans are more apt to wake up at specific times in the night and not sporadically (most people do not notice this however). During stage 1 the individual will experience what has been named REM (Rapid Eye Movement), I will make further elaboration on REM momentarily. For now I would like to point out that during REM the body will show more signs of consciousness by spontaneous muscle contractions, flagellate excretion, and oculomoter coordination (eye movement). The body will experience these tensions and reactions because this is the active time of sleep in the average human (Dav ...

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Social Campaign Reports Measure Your Strategys Impact in CoSchedule

Social Campaign Reports Measure Your Strategys Impact in Data proves the ROI of the work you do. (awesome) The tedious process of †¦.compiling stats  from your LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and FB platforms †¦.sifting through lines of data in your â€Å"oh-so-lovely† spreadsheets†¦ comparing AND grasping for correlations And finally putting those stats into something your team can *actually* understand? ^ not so awesome. Let’s make this process less painful (and time-consuming), shall we? Introducing ’s newest reporting addition:   Social Campaign Reports. With Social Campaign Reports, you and your team can: Evaluate campaign performance across multiple networks (in one place). Unite campaign data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest in one report. So you can gauge the success of your latest event promotion, product launch, or other specific campaigns across social media. Eliminate those â€Å"gut feelings† and use hard data to make strategic decisions. Get access to performance metrics that help you analyze trends, identify problem areas, and continually refine your social content. Quickly pinpoint correlations between two campaigns with side by side comparisons. Compare similar social campaigns or posts side-by-side to test what’s working (and what isn’t). So you can continually fine-tune your messaging for your evolving audience. AND create presentation-ready reports to share with your team and VPs.  Provide data-driven feedback to your employees and define your marketing decisions to your CEO with metrics and analysis people can actually understand. Here’s how

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Spaghetti Challenge Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Spaghetti Challenge - Essay Example Every project must have a budget; there is an estimated budget for any project that the client is willing and ready to spend. This budget is worked upon by the client together with the project manager. The budget must contain an additional just in case money that is thoroughly monitored. A project manager must account for all the money that is spent on the construction this is done by availing all the receipts and stock taking to the client all through the project. Equipment’s that are rented must be kept in good condition to reduce fines and damages that can be incurred. Time is an essential factor in any project. A client will expect a working timeline when contracting. Time constraint is the limited time the constructor has to work to work with under growing pressure top finish the project without any defects or additional costs. The timeline will include the designing of the project blueprint as seen in the spaghetti challenge as well as the construction time. The objectives outlined that need to be achieved in order to meet the client’s needs must be completed in time within cost and quality as expected. Most contracts will have a penalty section in case of any breach of terms and conditions, a real-world big scale construction projectwill include a contract with the terms and condition that must include the timeline and various fines if there is a breach of these terms. These penalties impose an obligation on the construction company to fulfil its duties and objectives in a given time to avoid breaching the contract hence paying damages. A real-world big scale construction project must also consider conducting various test factors that may affect the strength and stability of a structure. These factors must be put in the blueprint before the start of the project and properly reinforced to avoid disaster and casualties. Bonuses can be added as incentives to